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Mayflies: All about the species and how to fish the various stages using Perfect Flies

Blue-winged Olives:
The Blue-winged Olive Mayfly
Perfect Fly BWOs
BWO Nymph
BWO Emerger
BWO Spinner
Speckled Winged Quill (Callibaetis)
All about the SWQ
SWQ Nymph
SWQ Emerger
SWQ Spinner
Western Green Drake:
All about the WGD
WGD Nymph
WGD Emerger
WGD Spinner
Flavs (Small Western Green Drake):
All about the Flav
Flav Nymph
Flav Emerger
Flav Dun
Flav Spinner
Eastern Green Drake:
All about the EGD
EGD Nymph
EGD Emerger
EGD Spinner
Gray Drake:
All About the Gray Drake
Gray Drake Nymph
Gray Drake Spinner
Slate Drake:
All About the Slate Drake
Slate Drake Nymph
Slate Drake Spinner
Brown Drake:
All About the Brown Drake
Brown Drake Nymph
Brown Drake Emerger
Brown Drake Dun
Brown Drake Spinner
Yellow Drake:
Yellow Drake Nymph
Yellow Drake Emerger
Yellow Drake Dun
Yellow Drake Spinner
Golden Drake:
Golden Drake Nymph
Golden Drake Emerger
Golden Drake Dun
Golden Drake Spinner
Great Olive-Winged Drake:
Great Olive-Winged Drake Nymph
Great Olive-Winged Drake Emerger
Great Olive-Winged Drake Dun
Great Olive-Winged Drake Spinner
Big Slate Drake:
Big Slate Drake Nymph
Big Slate Drake Emerger
Big Slate Drake Dun
Big Slate Drake Spinner
Giant Dark Green Drake:
Giant Dark Green Drake Nymph
Giant Dark Green Drake Emerger
Giant Dark Green Drake Dun
Giant Dark Green Drake Spinner
Dark Green Drake:
Dark Green Drake Nymph
Dark Green Drake Emerger
Dark Green Drake Dun
Dark Green Drake Spinner
Brown Dun:
Brown Dun Spinner
Hendrickson (F) Red Quill (M):
Hendrickson Nymph
Hendrickson Emerger
Hendrickson Dun
Hendrickson Spinner
Chocolate Dun (M) Olive Sulfer (F):
Chocolate Dun Nymph
Chocolate Dun Emerger
Chocolate Dun
Chocolate Dun Spinner
Little Dark Hendrickson:
Little Dark Hendrickson Nymph
Little Dark Hendrickson Emerger
Little Dark Hendrickson Dun
Little Dark Hendrickson Spinner
Small Western Dark Hendrickson:
Small Western Dark Hendrickson Nymph
Small Western Dark Hendrickson Emerger
Small Western Dark Hendrickson Dun
Small Western Dark Hendrickson Spinner
Quill Gordon:
All About the Quill Gordon
Quill Gordon Nymph
Quill Gordon Emerging Adult
Quill Gordon Dun
Quill Gordon Spinner
Gray-winged Yellow Quill:
Gray-winged Yellow Quill Nymph
Gray-winged Yellow Quill Emerger
Gray-winged Yellow Quill Dun
Gray-winged Yellow Quill Spinner
Slate Dun:
Slate Dun Nymph
Slate Dun Emerger
Slate Dun
Slate Dun Spinner
Yellow Quill:
Yellow Quill Nymph
Yellow Quill Emerger
Yellow Quill Dun
Yellow Quill Spinner
March Brown:
All About the March Brown (Western)
March Brown Nymphs
March Brown Emergers
March Brown Duns
March Brown Spinners
American March Brown:
All About the American March Brown
American March Brown Nymph
American March Brown Emerger
American March Brown Dun
American March Brown Spinner
Cream Cahill:
All About the Cream Cahill
Cream Cahill Nymph
Cream Cahill Emerger
Cream Cahill Dun
Cream Cahill Spinner
Light Cahill:
All About the Light Cahill
Light Cahill Nymph
Light Cahill Emerger
Light Cahill Dun
Light Cahill Spinner
Western Ginger Quill:
Western Ginger Quill Nymph
Western Ginger Quill Emerger
Western Ginger Quill Dun
Western Ginger Quill Spinner
Dark Red Quill:
Dark Red Quill Nymph
Dark Red Quill Emerger
Dark Red Quill Dun
Dark Red Quill Spinner
Pale Evening Dun:
Pale Evening Dun Nymph
Pale Evening Dun Emerger
Pale Evening Dun
Pale Evening Spinner
Sulphur Dun:
All About the Sulphur Dun
Sulphur Dun Nymph
Sulphur Dun Emerger
Sulphur Dun
Sulphur Dun Spinner
Eastern Pale Evening Dun:
All About the Eastern Pale Evening Dun
Eastern Pale Evening Dun Nymph
Eastern Pale Evening Dun Emerger
Eastern Pale Evening Dun
Eastern Pale Evening Spinner
Pale Morning Dun:
All about Pale Morning Duns
PMD Nymph
PMD Emerger
PMD Spinner
Blue Quill:
Blue Quill General & Nymph
Blue Quill Emerger
Blue Quill Dun
Blue Quill Spinner
Mahogany Dun:
All About the Mahogany Dun
Mahogany Dun Nymph
Mahogany Dun Emerger
Mahogany Dun Dun
Mahogany Dun Spinner
Little Yellow Quill:
All About the Little Yellow Quill
Little Yellow Quill Nymph
Little Yellow Quill Emerger
Little Yellow Quill Dun
Little Yellow Quill Spinner
Trico Nymph
Trico Emerger
Trico Dun
Trico Spinner
White Drake:
White Drake Nymph
White Drake Emerger
White Drake Dun
White Drake Spinner        
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Some mayflies are small. Little Blue-winged Olive
This Trico mayfly is even smaller
Western Green Drake nymph
Gray Drake spinner on film canister
Eastern Green Drake spinner or Coffin Fly
Close up of Slate Drake Spinner
American March Brown nymph