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  Many dedicated trout fishermen load up their gear to go fishing and look forward
to a great day in their favorite stream. They grab their rod, flies, waders and chest
pack, but don’t think about basic necessities such as the wading staff.
    Wading staffs are almost as important a piece of gear as your rod. Most
streams have bottoms that are uneven or rocky and footing can be treacherous at
times. The Wading staff can help to prevent falls, check water depth, and check
the texture of the bottom you are wading. The Wading staff can act as a third leg
and help you to maintain your balance in fast moving water or on slick or rocky
   There are numerous kinds of wading staffs, but the best ones seem to be the
ones that are collapsible and go in a pouch on your belt rather than the rigid ones
that are hard to handle and seem to get in the way as you are trying to fish.
    We think the best one for the money on the market is The "Perfect Fly" Deluxe
Wading Staff. It is very strong, lightweight, and extremely packable. There's never
any reason to not take it with you. It has an aluminum staff that packs down to 15
inches to easily stow in your pack until it's needed. It expands to 54" to support the
largest anglers. It has a grip made for the hand and a nylon wrist sling. It includes
neoprene storage case. It is also competitively priced and makes an excellent
addition to your fly fishing gear.
Perfect fly wading staff
Perfect Fly Deluxe Wading Staff