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     I love to fly fish and have done so for many years. Recently, I found out that I
had a herniated disc which made slipping or falling extremely dangerous. Always
before, I just took off into the stream and took falling as part of the day, but no
more. I was then introduced to the best and safest way to move in the water
without falling. I got introduced to the collapsible wading staff.
  A collapsible wading staff is the best and safest way to get around in your
favorite stream. It will act as a third leg to help you maintain your balance. The
wading staff also allows you to check water depth and to check the condition of the
bottom where you are wading. The collapsible feature allows you to carry the
wading staff easier without it being in the way. It also allows you to have access to
the wading staff quickly.
  The best collapsible wading staff that I have found is the Perfect Fly Deluxe
Collapsible Wading Staff. I have found this collapsible wading staff to be very
strong, lightweight, and extremely packable. There's never any reason to not take
it with you. It has an aluminum staff that packs down to 15 inches to easily stow in
your pack until it's needed. Expands to 54" to support the largest anglers, which is
a big plus to me as I am 6’7” and weigh 230#. It has a grip made for the hand and
a nylon wrist sling. It includes neoprene storage case, and is price competitive.
  All in all, a collapsible wading staff makes a safe and necessary addition to any
fly fisherman’s list of accessories.
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Perfect Fly Wading Staff

Alan Snider
The Best and Safest Collapseable
Wading Staff for Fly Fishing
Perfect Fly Deluxe Wading Staff
Components of Perfect Fly Wading Staff
The round
attachment is for
wading streams
with a soft bottom