James Marsh fishing Little Manistee River
Copyright 2015 James Marsh
Little Manistee River,
Little Manistee River Fishing
Report: Archive  03/08/15
The stream is a little high but otherwise,
in good shape. Most of the ice is gone.
Midges, Creams and Reds, are hatching.
2014 Fishing Reports:
01/07/14 Weather has continued to be a
problem but a slight warming trend is
coming later this week.
01;/14/14 Still no reports of anyone
fishing but the slightly warmer weather
forecast should gets some anglers on the
01/21/14 Our local contact reporting that
hasn't seen but a very few guys fishing
this past week. The coming week has a
lot of cold weather in store for those that
may try. It is slowing the efforts of the
steelhead anglers.
01/28/14 Sorry, still no reports from
anyone fishing. Lots of ice in the river and
difficulty access due to snow and ice is
still a big problem.
02/04/14 We had a customer getting
ready ordering some more steelhead flies
but he hasn't fished recently. There has
been slightly warmer weather recently but
not enough to help much.  
02/11/14 Still no reports of any catches.
Cold weather is still a big problem.
02/18/14 There is a slight improvement in
the weather forecast but cold weather is
still going to be the big problem.
02/25/14 There will be little to no
opportunity for the next week. There is a
lot of snow and cold weather in the
03/04/14 There is a slight improvement in
the weather forecast for the coming week.
Hopefully, we will have some better
fishing reports in the near future.
03/11/14 Still no reports from anyone
fishing. There will be some big swings in
the weather this coming week and that's
good news..
03/18/14 This past week was the best
week in a long time for steelhead fishing.
Anglers were catching fish swinging and
nymphing. We had several customers
ordering flies this past week.
03/25/14 Few reports came in for this past
week and those were not so good. It is
cold now but will be warming back up soon.
04/01/14 Still no fishing reports from
anglers. Conditions should improve this
week with warmer weather in the forecast.
04/08/14 The weather is warming things
up and conditions greatly improved but
still a long way to go. Some nice reports
of large brown trout came in this past
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04/15/14 The stream is flowing very high
and will take some time to drop back
down. More rain is forecast this week.
04/22/14 Stream levels are still on the high
side but getting in much better shape.
04/29/14 Stream levels are fine as this is
being written but sure to rise with all the
rain forecast this week. Streamers will be
the ticket for a while.
05/06/14 No reports from anyone fishing.
The stream is still high and cold but there's
much warmer weather in the forecast.
05/13/14 Stream levels are high and
there is a chance of rain everyday for the
next week. Be sure to check the stream
levels before traveling very far to fish.
05/20/14 Stream levels are still a little too
high to fish but should be falling during this
week and getting into much better shape.
05/27/14 Much warmer temperatures and
little rain in the forecast. Stream has been
high but back down getting near normal.
Expect lots of hatches including
Hendricksons/Red Quills, Sulphurs,
Cinnamon Caddis, Green Caddis, Little
black caddis, and others.
06/02/14 Four customers ordered flies
this past week getting ready to fish. The
stream has dropped down into good
shape and hatches are taking place.
06/10/14 More good fishing reports of
trout being caught. Stream levels are in
good shape and hatches are beginning.
06/17/14 One good report from a
customer came in last week and others
purchasing flies. Stream levels are a little
06/24/14 Stream is in good shape and
hatching taking place. Slate Drakes are
07/08/14 Stream levels are down and in
great shape and anglers are catching
plenty of trout. Two customers reporting
some great hatches taking place this past
07/22/14 Several customers reporting
excellent conditions and plenty of trout
being caught. Terrestrial are beginning to
07/29/14 Two more good fishing reports
came in from customers this past week.
Lots of brook trout and some nice browns
are being caught.
08/12/14 Two more good fishing reports
from the past week but the water is on the
rise with more rain forecast. It may be a day
or three falling back down.
09/02/14 Fishing the Little Manistee has
been good for the past two weeks
according to our regular customers.
Levels have been high at times but plenty
of trout are being caught.
09/16/14 Two good reports from our
customers ordering more flies. They are
catching lots of trout on terrestrials. Lower
water temperatures has really helped the
09/23/14 One good report from a customer
catching some larger size browns this past
week. He was using our
Brown Sculpin.
10/07/14 Rain has the levels up and dingy and
fishing seems to be even better. Streamers are
catching good numbers of brown trout which
are entering the pre-spawn mode.
10/14/14 Two good reports came in from
the past week, but there's a lot of rain in
the forecast and you can expect high
water levels for the next few days.
10/21/14 The stream has been high but
falling fast and should be in good shape later
this week.
10/28/14 No reports from the past week and I
guess due to higher water levels. Other than
that, conditions are very good.
11/11/14 High water levels and lots of rain /
snow in the forecast.
12/04/14 The water is a little stained and
up but steelhead are being caught.
flies and swinging is working.
12/16/14 Stream levels are little high and rising.
More rain in the forecast. No reports from the past
12/23/14 Still no reports. Conditions are not that
bad. The water is cold but trout can be caught.
12/29/14 Add Winter stoneflies to your fly list.
They are hatching.
01/05/15 No reports from the past week.
02/02/15 Sorry, but still no reports.
02/16/15 Same old, same old, and colder
weather ahead this coming week.
03/02/15 The weather is finally beginning
to improve and fishing conditions will soon
be much better, so get ready.
03/16/15 The water is in the low forties and
just above normal levels. There's rain today
then clearing for a week.
03/23/15 Stream levels are good but snow
is forecast from tomorrow through Sunday
04/06/15 The water is warming up and you
can look for some hatches within the next
couple of weeks. Hendricksons/Red Quills will
be among the first.
04/13/15 Much better stream conditions and
water temps. Hatches should be in full swing
within the week.
04/20/15 Rain through Tuesday and snow
through Thursday. Higher stream levels.
04/26/15 Stream levels are fine and water
warming us nicely. Reports of Little Brown
stoneflies and BWO hatches.
05/04/14 Great conditions, good stream levels,
good weather and lots olf hatches will take place.
05/18/15 Two customers with good reports.
Good levels and lots of hatches including Quill
Gordons, Blue Quills, Little Brown stoneflies,
Little Black Caddis and BWOs.
05/25/15 Stream levels are on the rise with rain
in the forecast the next few days. Watch the
06/08/15 Great conditions, lots of trout being
caught, Gray, Slate and Brown Drakes starting
to hatch. Cinnamon caddis and Green sedges
starting. Amer. March Browns hatching.  
06/15/15 I left out Sulphurs, BWOs, and Yellow
Sallies last week. They are all hatching.
06/29/15 Good conditions, stream levels and
weather forecast. Lots of hatches and lots of
fish being caught by our customers.
07/06/15 Great conditions continue with lots of
trout being caught and lots of hatches taking
place. It is as good as it gets on this stream.
07/13/15 Watch the stream levels, but
otherwise, fishing continues to be excellent.
07/20/15 Conditions are very good and lots of
trout are being caught. Mostly Slate
Drake/Sulphurs/Cinnamon caddis and ants.
08/03/15 Conditions are very good with hatches
and good stream levels. Terrestrials working.
08/10/15 Good stream levels and weather and
lots of trout being caught. Excellent conditions.
08/17/15 Excellent conditions with lots of browns
and brookies being caught.
08/24/15 Stream levels are still good and much
cooler weather is in the forecast. Great Conditions.
08/31/15 Two good reports came in last week.
Terrestrial working very good. It is warming back
up but stream levels will remain in good shape.
09/07/15 It is turning much cooler and rain is
falling now. Conditions will change fast. They
are fine now. Fish should start in the lower river.
09/21/15 Kings are in the lower river and the
trout fishing should be excellent. Great
weather and stream conditions.
09/28/15 Great conditions continue in all
sections of the Little Manistee. One good report
from a customer who caught two big browns.
10/12/15 Stream levels are back down near
normal but there is still a lot of rain, so watch
them. Great Autumn Brown secges are
hatching. Brown trout are starting to stage.
10/26/15 Now is a great time to catch a big
brown trout. They are in pre-spawn mode and
very aggressive. Blue-winged Olive are hatching
in two sizes. Great conditions exist right now.
11/02/15 Levels are just a little high but falling.
Great weather and spawning browns.
11/16/15 Great conditions exist with good stream
levels and both trout and a few steelhead being
caught. Egg flies are working best for the SH.
11/30/15 November is generally the best
steelhead month and they are already being
caught in good numbers. Egg and Nymphs right
now but rain will bring the levels up and
swinging may be the best option soon.
Stonefly Nymph,Popsicle, Estaz Egg fly,
Orange, Green, White, Hot Peacock Spey, Red
Wine Spey,
12/15/15 Trout fishing should be good this
coming week as well as the steelhead. It is
raining now but snow showers will return
Thursday. Winter stoneflies are hatching.
12/21/15 Conditions are excellent right now.
The stream levels are good but watch them.
There is some rain and snow in the forecast.
2013 Fishing Reports:
Customer catching steelhead on
our Perfect Fly steelhead nymphs, mostly
Green Sedge and Cinnamon Sedge.
Called to order more. Water temps are
averaging in the high  thirties. Levels on
the high side of normal.
12/24/13 Customer ordered more flies
yesterday. Reported he has caught
steelehad on the first two flies below and
trying the others.
Black Stonefly Nymph,
Popsicle, Estaz Egg fly, Orange, Green,
Hot Peacock Spey, Red Wine
12/31/13 No reports of fish caught but it
has been very cold. The outlook for the
coming week isn't any better with very
cold weather continuing.