James Marsh fishing Little Manistee River
As with most trout streams, the
Blue-winged Olives are probably hatch
over a longer period of time than any of
the aquatic insects. . There's several
species and some of them are
bi-brooded. The first hatch usually occurs
around the first of April and last until
about the last week of July.  About the
end of August they usually start to hatch
again. This last hatch usually ends by the
first of October.

The Hendrickson hatch usually starts
about the middle of April. This hatch last
for about a month. Blue Quills (called
Mahogany Duns locally) will start to hatch
about the first of May. It usually last
about six weeks. American March
Browns start to hatch about the first of
May. The hatch last for about a month or

Sulphurs starting to hatch about the
middle of May. This hatch can last to the
middle of June. Brown Drakes start
hatching about the first of June and last
for about a month. About the first or
second week of June, the Great Olive
Wing Dun, or what locals sometimes call
the Hex hatch takes place.  It can last
until the end of July.

The Slate Drake hatch last about two
months, or from around the middle of
June until the middle of August. Light
Cahills hatches start by the first of June.
They can hatch on into the first week or
two of August.  

Caddisflies are plentiful on the Little
Manistee River. The pH of the water is
perfect for them as well as most other
aquatic insects. There are many species
but the most important are species of the
Cinnamon Caddis. They start about the
first of June and can last all the way until
the middle of August. Green Sedges start
hatching around the first of June also.
This hatch last about six weeks. Their
larva, or the Green Rock Worms, are
around all year. Imitations of them work  
just about anytime of the year and even
for the steelhead.
Hatches, continued:
There are many other species but most
of them are not extremely plentiful in
terms of numbers during a hatch. There
are some Little Browns, and Little Black
Caddis that hatch in the first of the
season around the first of May. There's
also some larger fall sedges that hatch.
The upper headwaters sections have
some long horn species that hatch during
the summer and early fall.

The LIttle Manistee River also has some
stoneflies. From about the first of April
until May 15th, early black or Little Winter
Stoneflies hatch. Yellow Sallies (Little
Yellow stoneflies) are found in some of
the faster sections of the stream. They
start hatching around the middle of May
and last until the middle of July.

Terrestrial insects can be important
during the summer months. Ants are
plentiful around the stream from about the
end of June all the way to mid October.
The flying ants are usually found from
about the middle of August to the middle
of September. Imitations of beetles and
grasshoppers will produce trout during
the months of July, August and

Midges are around year-round and
imitations of their larvae, pupae and the
adults will produce most anytime but the
most important times are during cold
weather when few other insects are

Streamers work great for the big brown
trout, steelhead and salmon in the Little
Manistee River. Imitations of sculpin,
baitfish, leeches all produce. The
streamers are most effective on the
brown trout under low light or dingy water

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Little Manistee River
Michigan - Hatches, Trout
and Steelhead Flies:
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