Little Brown Caddis (Little Brown Sedge)

The Little Brown Caddisfly (Little Brown Sedge) (Little Plain Brown Sedge) adults
deposit their eggs various ways. There are many species of these caddisflies
that exit in a wide variety of habitat, even spring creeks. The most common factor
is that there are usually trees around. They seem to exist in more plentiful
quantities in the forest or woods. The larvae eat decaying leafs.

They deposit their eggs in the wet areas around the banks at times around wet
rocks and plant material. They will also deposit their eggs in vegetation along the
banks. It is almost always near the banks. They will dive and deposit their eggs
on the bottom in water up to two feet deep. They will also flutter around on the
surface to deposit their eggs.

Adult Presentation:
You need to try to determine where and how they are depositing their eggs to
best imitate them. Wherever you see them on the water is where you want to
place your fly.

About all I can say for sure is to look for them in the late afternoons near the
banks. Sometimes in the hot summer they are difficult to see because they don't
start depositing their eggs until near dark. In the early and later parts of the
season and in the higher elevation streams of the West, they may start as early
as the middle of the afternoon.

Use whichever method of presentation is easiest to use to get the fly to where
you want it. Up or down stream, curve cast, roll cast or whatever is the best way
under the circumstances.
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