Little Black Caddisfly Larva (brachycentrus species)

The larvae of these species form dark square cases made of small sticks or plant
material. You will find these chimney cases dangling from rocks and anything
else they can attach too. They attach their cases to objects with silk. The unique
shape and structure of the larvae makes them easy to identify.

Trout will eat the larvae, wooden case and all but not to the extent we think they
deserve a fly pattern for them. I am only mentioning this stage of life and showing
you the picture of the chimney cases so that you will be able to recognise and
identify the particular caddisfly called the Little Black Caddis or sometimes,
American Grannoms. The cases make that very easy.

We have not developed a Perfect Fly imitation of them because we doubt the
value of fishing this stage of life of the Little Black Caddisflies.
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