Little Dark Hendrickson - Emerger
As mentioned in the nymph section, the Little Dark Hendricksons mayflies
emerge in the slower sections of their moderate to fast water sections of the
streams they live in. They exist in Mid-west and Eastern trout streams mostly
where there is a lot of vegetation. They are also called Blue-winged Quill

The crawler mayfly nymphs move to pockets behind boulders or rocks or pockets
along the banks of pocket water streams. It could also be flat areas with
moderately flowing current where grass or weed beds exist. These mayflies
normally hatch around noon to mid-afternoon. They emerge in the surface skim.

An up stream or slightly up and across stream presentation usually works best.
You want the "Perfect Fly" Little Dark Hendrickson Emerger or Emerger with the
trailing shuck to float in the surface skim. Normally you only see a rise ring or
maybe a flash or the trout taking the fly. The trout don't usually take the fly with a
splashy rise. You have to keep your eye on the fly or the area of water the fly is
in if you are unable to actually see it.
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