Little Dark Hendrickson - Spinner

The "Perfect Fly" Little Dark Hendrickson Spinner Fly works great when
presented in the right places at the right time. These mayfly spinners, sometimes
called Blue Winged Quill Spinners, collect at the ends of the current seams in  
slow moving water. They also collect in eddies and pockets along the banks of
faster to moderately flowing streams they exist in.

These spinner falls are usually not very heavy. We don't know if they occur
sporadically or if they occur mostly in the evenings. When you do find them on
the water, the spinner imitation catches trout. About the only way to find the
spinners is to use a skim net and skim the surface of the water. Of course, you
want to make certain you know a hatch is occurring.

If you don't have a skim net, you should still fish the spinner imitation late in the
afternoons prior to dark after the hatch has occurred. They are very difficult to
see in the air or on the water and we know for a fact many anglers just are not
aware the spinners are falling when it does occur.

You should fish the spinner in the areas the naturals are most likely to collect
such as below weed or grass beds, in eddies and the tail ends of riffles and
smooth water flats. Often a down or down and across is necessary to keep from
spooking the trout feeding on the spinners in the slow to calm water they collect
in. Longer cast using light, longer leaders are necessary in cases where you are
likely to spook the trout feeding on the naturals.
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