Little Sister Caddisfly (cheumatopsyche species )

The Little Sister Sedge or caddisfly, the cheumatopsyche species, gets its name
because in essence, it is just a small version of the
hydropsyche and
ceratopsyche species of caddisflies. These are the second or at least, the third
most important caddisfly found on trout streams throughout the United States
and Canada. They hatch in large quantities in most places where they exist.
There are several different species of them but all of them are very similar.

These little caddisflies are especially plentiful in tailwaters. They are net-spinning
caddisflies and exist just about anywhere cold flowing water has a large amount
of plankton, they are usually very plentiful.  They exist in other types of water
other than tailwaters, even freestone streams and spring creeks.

These caddisflies hatch later in the season after most of their big sisters have
hatched, or from about the first of May until the end of July depending on the
species and the area of the country. They exist in all parts of the United States
and Canada.

You fish all three stages of the Little Sister Caddisflies life very similar to the way
you fish the
ceratopsyche or hydropsyche hatches The only difference in the
genera is the colors and size of the flies. The Little Sister hatch is a little more
difficult to fish than the spotted sedges or cinnamon sedges or caddisflies
because they are so small. You cannot watch your small dry fly imitation of the
adult drift on the water as well as the larger flies, especially under the low light
conditions these caddisflies deposit their eggs in.

Most of the female Little Sister Caddisfly adults are a hook size 18. The males
are sometimes closer to a hook size 20 but they are not the ones that deposit the
eggs. You should match the female egg layers.

On some tailwaters the sheer number of these caddisflies on the water at one
time can present a problem. The trout have hundreds of choices and even if your
fly is a perfect imitation, they may not select it over the many naturals.
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