Little Yellow Quills

The Little Yellow Quills are species of the Leucrocuta genus of the Heptageniidae family
of mayflies. The
aphrodite, hebe, juno and minerva species are the most important.
During the summer and early fall when most mayflies have hatched, these show up on
many Eastern streams.

There is very little difference in the species of the
Leucrocuta genus. Our imitation has
proven effective for all of them for the past several years. These mayflies are often
confused with Light Cahills and Cream Cahills.

Little Yellow Quills rarely hatch in large concentrations but will often become the main
source of food for trout at the time of year they hatch. Unless Blue-winged olives or some
very plentiful species of caddisfly or stonefly is hatching, the trout will concentrate on
eating the hatching Little Yellow Quills.

We have found them in the higher elevation brook trout streams even where the water
has a very low pH value. They also hatch in the mid to lower elevations of the Eastern
mountain ranges. They are almost always found in freestone streams but may also
possibly exist in tailwaters where streams at higher elevations have been dammed. If you
fish in the later part of the season, you don't want to be without imitaions of them.
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