Fishing The Little Yellow Quill Emerger:

These mayflies discard their shucks below the surface of the water prior to emerging in
the surface skim. Once they come out of their nymphal shucks, they quickly fly away.
Most hatches occur in the late summer and fall. Depending on the particular species,
they may begin to hatch when the water is rather warm, so they don't waste any time
drying their wings to fly away. That is when our imitation of the emerger works better than
the dun.

Some hatches may occur later in the fall when the water is cooler. These mayflies tend to
hang in the surface skim longer and the emergers, standard and trailing shuck versions,
work great during that time.

Remember, there are several species that are almost identical and they hatch times will
vary depending on the species as well as the location of the country.

Our Little Yellow Quill Emerger should be fished in the surface skim  Unless the water is
real slow moving and extremely clear, we suggest an up and across presentation.
Otherwise, a down stream presentation would usually be required.

You will want to use a long, light leader and tippet. If the water is real low, you may want
to go to a six or seven X tippet. Floatants should not be applied to the fly. It will destroy
the floating characteristics of the CDC  feathers. If you apply it to the biot, the fly will float
on its side.
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