Fishing The Little Yellow Quill Nymph:

Nymph: (Clingers)
The nymphs are clingers that stay hidden most of the time up until they migrate to the
shallows to emerge. The nymphs prefer moderate to fast current up until they migrate to
the slower moving water of small pools or other types of shallow water to emerge. They
are usually a hook size 16.

The Little Yellow Quill clinger nymph imitation should be fished shallow up and across on
a dead drift. It can be presented as a dropper on a two fly rig but it is best to keep in on
the bottom. They are much more effective just prior to a hatch but you can take trout on
the Little Yellow Quill nymph year-round.

If the water is low, and it often is in the summer and early fall when they hatch, you may
need to use a down and across presentation. We also suggest a long, light leader with a
six or seven X tippet under these conditions. You want to allow the fly to swing from the
ends of the riffles into the slow water.
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