Atlantic Salmon Fly:
The Logie is an old feather winged salmon fly that's still in use today. It was originally
designed for the Scottish river Dee. Over the years, the body and wing on the Logie has
changed but the classic fly has survived until this day because it's effective. This is an
excellent low-water fly that's very effective on a bright day when the water is clear. The
Logie salmon fly has been proven effective on several rivers in the Eastern United States.

This fly has become popular on the Penobscot River in Maine. It has also proven
effective on the St. Johns, Kennebec, and Merrimack Rivers. The Logie is one of a few
flies that seems to work well under low water level conditions on the rivers of Maine. The
salmon can become difficult to catch in low clear water but even though the colors are
mostly bright yellow, for some reason the Logie always attracts the fish when other flies
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