Fishing The Mahogany Dun

The Mahogany Dun is an exciting dry fly to fish. One reason is that the emerging duns
are usually located in shallow, calmer water as opposed to fast water runs and riffles.
They prefer calmer water to emerge.. When the duns hatch, they usually float a rather
short distance on the surface of the water before flying away but this depends on the
particular species and the time of year it hatches. Normally the water is fairly warm and
their wings dry rather fast. This is unlike their close relatives, the Blue Quills that hatch in
the early spring.

Up and across presentations of the Mahogany Dun usually work best but if the water is
slow moving and very slick or smooth, you may want to use a down and across
presentation to get the drag-free drift you need. As we said in the emerger section, these
mayflies often hatch near the banks and behind boulders where the water is calm and
sometimes very shallow and clear. In those cases you almost have to use a down and
across or directly downstream presentation for the fly to be effective.

Much depends on whether it is an Eastern or Western species of Mahogany Dun. The
water conditions vary greatly depending on that. In either situation, however, our dun has
proven to work time and time again. The way it should be fished will vary so you have to
adapt to the local stream conditions.
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