Fishing The Mahogany Dun Emerger

The Mahogany Dun nymphs migrate to slower, calmer water before emerging. There they
may make several attempts to emerge normally swimming to the surface several times
before shedding their shucks. This usually occurs during the early afternoon but this
depends on the time of year the particular species hatch.

The Mahogany Dun Emerger should be used to imitate the emerging duns. Fish the
emerger without any added weight by casting it up and across the current on the swing.
These mayflies often hatch very near the banks in the calm pockets and behind boulders
were the water is calm. In those cases an up or up and across presentation usually works

Often in the summer and early fall when some of the species hatch, they emerge in very
shallow water that is extremely clear. In those cases you may need to use long, light
leaders and tippets and down and across presentations to prevent spooking the trout
feeding on the emergers.
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