Mahogany Duns

The debilis species hatch during the summer and fall of the year and the hatches usually
increase in size later in the year. They are usually slightly larger on the Western streams,
than they are in the East and Midwest, which are normally a hook size 18.
mollis and guttata species are found on streams in the east and midwest and the
memorialis species is found on a few streams in the West. Neither of the species are
considered important, that is, unless you are there when they hatch and that is why we
have specific imitations of them. We found the
mollis species plentiful in several eastern

bicornula species is found on a few western streams in fair quantities at times.   
There is also the
gregalis, memorialis and temporalis species found in the western states.
heteronea species is found on several western streams on both fast flowing
freestone rivers and streams as well as those with slow to moderate current. They are  
slightly larger Mahogany Duns.
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