Fishing The Mahogany Dun Nymph

The Mahogany Dun nymphs are crawlers that stay in the current but on the bottom
down in the rocks, gravel and other bottom structure and in some cases, aquatic
vegetation. They prefer freestone streams with fast to moderate currents. These
mayflies are very similar to the Blue Quills that hatch early in the year in eastern

Prior to hatch times, concentrate on fishing the calmer areas of water that are near
ripples and runs such as pockets, eddies, and calm areas near the banks. Use an
upstream or an up and across presentation, with or without a strike indicator,
depending upon the water conditions and your preference.  You will want to use
added weight to get the fly down near the bottom.

The nymphs are much more effective just prior to a hatch but they will catch trout
year-round especially in streams where there is a good population of these
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