Marabou Sculpin Trout Fly
The Perfect Fly Marabou Sculpin trout flies, the Yellow Marabou Sculpin, Black
Marabou Sculpin and White Marabou Sculpin  flies, are all imitations of a sculpin
fish. Sculpins are bottom dwelling species of small fish that look much like the
bottom substrate of most trout streams. They can hide from the trout not only by
getting down between rocks and other object on the bottom of a stream, the
natural camouflage colors also hide them well.  Sculpin are in the Cottidae family
of fish. There are several species within the family but the most important to trout
anglers is the Mottled Sculpin. Our Marabou Sculpin flies are imitations of the
Mottled  Sculpin.

The White Marabou Sculpin fly works great in clear water. The Yellow Marabou
Sculpin works best in off-colored water or water that has a slight stain to it. As
with most all black color flies and lures, the Black Marabou Sculpin works in both
clear and off-colored water. All three of the flies are in the same shape, sizes
and configurations of the real sculpins.

These flies also work for other species of fish found where sculpin exist such as
the smallmouth and largemouth bass, northern pike and many other species of
cold water fish. The main thing to remember about using these flies is that
sculpin stay on the bottom. You will rarely ever see one that isn't directly on the
bottom of the stream. That's where you want to fish our Marabou Sculpin flies -
as close to the bottom as you can keep them. If your not hanging one up every
once in a while, you most likely not fishing the sculpin fly deep enough.

Weight can be added to the tippet a few inches in front of the Marabou Sculpin
fly. Split shot of various sizes works best. Add enough weight to keep the fly
down on the bottom. This will vary greatly with the amount of current and depth
of the water. It's best to make very shot strips when retrieving the fly or even
when it is drifting freely downstream. Little subdued twitches made holding the fly
line with your non-rod hand makes the marabou material look even more alive
than it does just drifting naturally. Just twitch the fly and hold on.
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