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Perfect Fly Master Fly Box
To go along with our high quality flies, check out our  
Perfect Fly high quality fly boxes. We think these
are the best fly boxes you can buy.

Our large Master micro-slit foam fly boxes store,
organize and protect your flies.
It is a home, car, or
base storage fly box where you can store all your
flies for an entire season
. You can easily select the
flies you need for any specific time and place from the
Master Fly Box and place them in a smaller size fly box
to take with you on the water. This not only prevents
you from carrying a lot of flies you don't need, it also
makes it easier for you to select flies when you are on
the water. You don't have to search through a lot of flies
you don't need at the time.
Perfect Fly Master Fly  Box:
*A clear, transparent  cover lets you
see your flies without opening the lid.
*Micro-slit foam holds the flies
*Transparent cover is made of high
quality ABS material.

Model MB101 - 9 x 12 x 7/8

Micro-slit foam:
Triangle micro-slit foam allows more
room for the barbs of larger hooks, yet
hold smaller size hooks well. Holds
up to 432 flies.
The Best Fly Boxes Available
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100% Satisfaction Guaranteed
Master Fly Box Model FB 401 Clear lid  micro-slit
style fly box carries flies with a clear, see-through lid.
It is
9 x 12 x 7/8 inches and holds up to 450 flies.

Get the best fly boxes there are and save
money doing it. Includes free shipping
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Perfect Fly Master Fly Box
The above phot shows our Brown Sculpin
streamer, hook size 6; Golden Stonefly
nymph, hook size 10 and a Sulphur Mayfly
Nymph, hook size 16 placed in the upper left
hand corner of the master storage box. This
will give you an idea of the storage capacity.
You can also use part of the space to insect
self sticking labels to identify the flies, if you
need to do so. You could store up to 432 flies.
Click to enlarge
The photo on your right shows a collection of
flies we put together for a gentleman for
some Maryland and Pennsylvania trout
streams that he fishes. In this case there are
140 flies that range from a hook size 20 up to
a hook size 6. He will use the fly box as a
home storage base and take only the flies he
needs at a particular time with him to a
stream in a small fly box. As you can see,
there is plenty of space left in the box for more
flies. Not shown is a map or plan of the fly box
that identifies the flies left to right by line. It
stays inside the box so that he can identify
each fly until he becomes familiar with all of
Example, the top line, left to right:
2 each #14 BWO nymphs, BWO duns, #16
BWO nymphs, BWO emergers, BWO duns,
BWO spinners, #18 BWO nymphs, BWO
emergers, BWO duns, BWO spinners, #20
BWO nymphs and BWO duns or a total of 14
As an additional advantage, on our website
there is a full page of information on each
type of fly, a total of 70 in this particular case,
that explains how, when and where to fish
each fly.