Matuka Sculpin Trout Fly:

The Matuka Sculpin Trout fly, normally just called a Matuka, is a unique fly that's
named after the New Zealand Bittern bird.  The Bittern bird feathers were
originally used in the fly’s wing. Matuka is the Mauri word for the Bittern bird.
According to our research, the tying the hackle wing on the top of the hook
shank originated in New Zealand. The fly was first used in the United States in
the middle seventies. The Matuka Trout Fly uses this unique winging method but
the term Matuka is used to describe the style in which the wing is applied to the
hook, not necessarily a fly. The large wing is attached to the top of the hook
shank with ribbing.

The feathers used on our Matuka Sculpin Fly for its wing and tail provide a very
useful and important benefit. As the fly drifts or is retrieved through the water, the
wing and tail moves and wiggles in such a manner to cause trout and other
species of fish to take the fly for a real live creature. The fly looks very much

The fly is intended to be a generic imitation of sculpin. It also imitates minnows
and baitfish quite well. Sculpin are small fish that live in most all cold water trout
streams. They consist of various bottom dwelling species that are capable of
hiding from the trout by appearing to be just a part of the bottom.

The Matuka flies have been tied using just about every color combination
possible. Our Matuka Sculpin flies are tied in an Olive color and a Black color.
The Black Matuka Sculpin fly works in off colored water as well as clear water.
The Olive Matuka Sculpin is best used in clear water trout streams on clear days.
These Matuka flies are also very good smallmouth bass flies.

You can present the Matuka in several different ways. One way is to make a
down and across cast, allow the fly to sink, and then strip the line in such a
manner to make the fly swim close to the bottom. Vary the speed and length of
the strips. You can also just use the traditional down and across wet fly swing.
The Matuka is also a very good fly to use sight fishing for large trout.
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Black Matuka Sculpin Fly
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Olive Matuka Sculpin Fly
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