Perfect Fly Adult Midge imitations use CDC and hackle to
imitate the wings and legs of the insect. Just because they are
small doesn't mean they do not need to be imitative of the real
thing. Trout have every opportunity to get a close look at them.
These were designed to imitate those very picky trout that feed
on flat, smooth water. It should float low in the surface skim,
not high as possible on the surface. This better imitates those
newly hatched adults that emerge in slick water. Remember,
you don't usually have fast moving water to rely on to help
disguise your fly. They usually hatch in very slow moving water.
Cream Adult Midge
Black Adult Midge
Lt. Green Adult Midge
Midges: Adults
Adult Midge (Imitations)
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Our midge flies work great in still water
such as Hebgen Lake, Montana.
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