Munro Killer
Atlantic Salmon Fly:
The Munro Killer is an excellent fly for Atlantic Salmon anywhere in the world but
especially for the streams of the Eastern United States. It has proven effective over and
over. The fly has four of the most favorite colors for attracting salmon. These colors are
black, which is in the body and the wing; Yellow  is used again in the body and wing;
orange is used in the beard and blue is also used in the beard.

Some think the wide range of colors is what makes the fly so effective. They contend that
at least one of the four colors is attractive to fish in any stream or any color of water. We
don't know if this theory is true or not, but we do know the fly catches Atlantic Salmon on
a consistent basis in both clear and dingy water.

The Munro Killer is a salmon fly you don't want to be without.
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