Neversink Caddis Trout Fly:
The Neversink Caddis was made popular in the Smoky Mountains
because it imitates a Little Yellow Stonefly or Yellow Sally quite well in
the fast pocket water streasms. There are also a lot of other yellow
colored flies that this pattern also imitates. It is an attractor type fly,
certainly not a specific imitation of the Little Yellow Stonefly such as our
Little Yellow Perfect fly adult stonefly.

The fly is intended to imitate yellow caddisflies. The fly actually refers to
the Neversink River in the Catskill Mountains of New York.

In the Great Smoky Mountains, there are several different species of
Little Yellow stoneflies or what locals call Yellow Sallies. This is true of
many other trout streams in the nation and the Neversink Caddis works
on those stream also, as long as it is a fast water stream.

The body is made from closed cell foam and it floats well and is very
easy to see. The hackle also helps it float high in the water.

Caddisflies exist in just about every trout stream in the nation and this
fly will work for those that are yellow, again, providing it is a fast water
trout stream.

Oh, there is one other thing. Notice we sell this fly for $1.00 each
whereas most fly shops charge a much higher price for one that's
certainly no better, if as good.
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Neversink Caddis Trout Fly
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