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New Getting Started Fly Fishing Set

We are now shipping the "Getting Started Fly Fishing Set" that anyone interested in fly
fishing can purchase to learn about the sport without having to get a second mortgage on
their home.

The set includes an 8 1/2 foot graphite, 5/6 weight, 3 piece fly rod made by Cortland, a
Cortland fly reel, fly line backing, 6 weight forward floating fly line, 2 Perfect Fly leaders, 2
Perfect Fly spools of tippet, 24 each Perfect Fly Trout, Bass and Panfish flies, a
waterproof, two sided fly box, fly floatant, split-shot, Perfect Fly Strike Indicators and 3
instructional fly fishing DVDs.
It includes over $300.00 of items for only $175.00,
including shipping and handling.

We are doing this for the many who cannot afford to purchase all the flies, gear and
equipment needed to get started at once, as well as those who simply don't want to spend
between several hundred and a couple thousand dollars just to see if they like the sport.
You will be hard pressed to purchase the cheapest fly rod and reel you can find in a fly
shop for the same amount and that represents only a portion of the items you will need to
get started.

The set is also an excellent gift for anyone interested in fly fishing. It can also be used as a
loaner set to prevent your family and friends from borrowing your $650.00 Perfect Fly
"Superb Five" fly rod.

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