October Caddis (Giant Orange Sedge) - Adult

The October Caddis is a beautiful, large, orange caddisfly. It is most important for anglers
in the Pacific North and Rocky Mountains. The adults emerge from the pupae in shallow
water closely adjoining their normal fast water habitat. They usually hatch in the late
afternoons and early evenings. Ovipositing takes place near dark. These caddisflies can
create quite a disturbance on the surface of the water as well as when the are fluttering
over the water in the process of depositing their eggs. The "Perfect Fly" Adult imitation of
the October Caddis is a very realistic imitation that has proven over and over to catch
large trout during the egg laying event.

As soon as you observe or hear trout eating the egg laying caddis, change from the
"Perfect Fly" Pupa to the adult imitation. I would continue to fish the pupa imitation until I
knew the trout were eating the egg layers.

These large caddisflies are fairly easy to see even under low light conditions. Wherever
you see them depositing their eggs is exactly where you want to place your fly. Even
thought the real caddis make a big disturbance  on the water, we still suggest you fish the
adult fly in a dead drift. You may twitch the rod tip some, but it is easy to overdo it and
scare the trout more than attract them. It usually works just great as soon as the trout
spot it without any action.

You also may want to try to fish the adult early in the mornings before the sun comes on
the water. Also, don't forget about rainy, overcast or even days it is snowing lightly. The
egg layers have been spotted depositing their eggs under low light conditions earlier in
the day.
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