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Panfish Flies
Panfish flies are artificial flies that imitate a large variety of things panfish species of fish eat. They are
used fly fishing for the many different species of smaller size fish called Panfish. Some Panfish flies are
called poppers, which are the most popular type of panfish flies. Panfish, which is also spelled Pan-fish,
are editable gamefish that are usually smaller than the size of a frying pan. Just a few of them are
Yellow Pearch, Rocky Mountain Whitefish, Rock Bass, Crappie, Yellow Bass and White Bass. Fly
fishing for panfish is popular thoughout the United States and Canada.

Probably the most popular panfish to catch on a fly is the Bream. It is so popular, we have a separate
section on
Bream Flies. Although the flies used to catch Bream are basically the same as they are to
catch many other Panfish, we separated the articles to cover the many different species of fish called

All Panfish are part of the large sunfish family which consists of spiny-rayed predators such as
largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, spotted bass, and five other Southern bass species. Bluegill and
their sunfish cousins take flies well provided one uses the right fly fishing techniques and Panfish flies.  

The type of water, depth and type of cover you are fishing should dictate the type of panfish fly you
use. You will rarely find any type of panfish that isn't near cover. It is necessary for them to hide from
their predators. The cover can come in many different forms. Rocks, logs, stumps, undercut banks,
treetops, grass beds, surface vegetation such as lily pads, and numerous other types of cover are
used by panfish.

Panfish live in just about every type of warm water that exist. This includes lowland and highland lakes,
man made lakes and reservoirs and natural lakes. It also includes ponds, swamps, brackish water,
rivers and creeks. The depth of water you fish for panfish can range from shallow water of less than a
foot, to depths as deep as thirty foot. Generally speaking, dry panfish flies and poping bugs are used
for top water or fishing the surface. Nymphs, grubs, small streamers, and other types of panfish flies
are used for fly fishing various deeps. The deeper the water, the heavier the fly should be. Some are
weighted and some require you to add additional weight on the tippet to get the fly down to the depth of
the water you want to fish.
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