Panfish Nymph Fly

We have two Perfect  Fly Panfish Nymph Flies, a Whitetail Panfish Nymph Fly and a
Greentail Panfish Nymph Fly. Both flies are generic, wet bream flies that also work for
other species of panfish. You could also call them attractor bream flies. They have
proven to catch large bream and shellcrackers.

Both flies are primarily made of chenille which is very durable, so you should be able to
use the flies for a long time. The rubber legs add lots of action to the fly making it appear
alive. When the fly is stripped forward, the rubber legs bend badkwards and when
paused, the legs return to their normal position adding life like action.

The Whitetail Panfish Nymph fly works best in clear water. The Greentail Panfish Nymphs
fly works in both clear and stained water. It's also a very good brackish water panfish fly.
The Panfish flies can be fished in still water such as lakes and ponds or rivers and

The Panfish Nymph flies can be fished near on the surface by adding floatant to the fly.
They can also be fish at mid depths by allowing the fly to sink to the preferred depth and
then slowly retrieving it using short strips and pauses. You can add lead split-shot the
tippet a few inches above the fly and fish it on the bottom.
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