Perfect Fly Pink Flesh Steelhead Fly

The Pink Flesh Steelhead fly is a salmon flesh carcass pattern. This is a classic
steelhead and trout pattern. When migratory salmon have spawned for the final time,
they die. Their bodies begin to decompose and break up into small bits of salmon flesh.
The partials of flesh drift down stream and are eaten by predatory steelhead and rainbow

The rotting carcasses of the salmon provide very a high and important food value for the
steelhead as well as many other species of animals such as various species of birds and
other species of fish. The salmon carcasses are a standard part of the steelhead and
trout's diet. You just cast the fly up and across or swing it around downstream, and the
stealhead will  usually have little reluctance about taking it.

Our Perfect Fly version of this classic pattern is very durable and looks like the real thing
drifting downstream. It's tail is made for a rabbit strip.
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