Sunglasses rightly should be a required piece of fly fishing equipment. The first and
foremost important function of a pair of sunglasses is to provide safety for your eyes.
When you are fly fishing, sharp hooks are flying through the air at high rates of speed.
Sunglasses protects your eyes for these flying hooks. Glass lenses may provide better
optic quality but plastic or poly lenses are more durable, and provides better impact
resistance. You don't want a streamer or nymph hitting glass lenses.

The second most important function of polarized sunglasses it to cut through the glare on
the water. This is a big advantage in fly fishing because it allows you to see what is
beneath the surface of the water. It helps you wade safely because you can determine
water depths, see structure and drop offs. It even helps you spot fish.

Our Perfect Fly Polarized fishing sunglasses  are very high quality polarized sunglasses
that compare in all respects to many that are sold in excess of $200.00. The high quality
polarized lenses are made in the U.S. The very light weight but sturdy titanium frames are
spring loaded and hold firmly and comfortably in place for an entire day of fly fishing. The
yellow/amber lenses perform under most all lighting conditions that are commonly
encountered fly fishing.
Polarized Fishing
Polarized Fishing Sunglasses
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Angela Marsh Owner Perfect Fly
Perfect Fly Polarized Fishing Sunglasses
Angela Marsh
Owner, Perfect Fly
-----Spring Loaded titanium frames keep the glasses firmly and comfortably in place.
-----High Quality Lenses are made in the United States of America
-----Yellow - Amber Lenses work under most lighting conditions
They come in a high quality
plastic, flexible protective case
with a cloth pad.
A Key Feature of these
sunglasses is the side
windows that help cut the
down the glare.
Perfect fly sunglasses in case