Popsicle Steelhead and Salmon Fly
The Popsicle Steelhead and Salmon Fly is an excellent fly pattern for late Fall and
Winter. The orange color is known for triggering strikes from steelhead. Some say the
color gives the fish the impression it is egg roe drifting downstream. The fly is an
excellent choice for dingy, off-colored waters. The bright color makes it visible in low light

George Cook created the what's referred to as the Alaskabou series of steelhead flies.  
The Popsicle is the most famous fly in this series. The flies in the series are named after
the bright colors. All the flies in the series use marabou. The marabou is a material that
breathes in the water adding a lot of action and attraction to the fly.

This fly should be presented for winter steelhead and salmon using the traditional down
and across swing. A sink tip line is often used for the fly in cold water.

The Popsicle Steelhead and Salmon Fly is used for both Pacific steelhead and salmon
and Great Lakes steelhead and salmon. It is equally effective in either section of North
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