Purple Peril Steelhead Fly
The Purple Peril steelhead and salmon fly is an original fly pattern created by Ken
McLeod that has been around for a long time. Mr. LcLeod was a Northwestern steelhead
angler that helped make the sport what it is today. It is one of the very  best clear water
steelhead fly patterns.

The Purple Peril Steelhead fly should be swung using the traditional wet-fly swing that's
been used for steelhead for many years. It works in both cold and warm water and is
popular in both Pacific Coast tributary steelhead streams as well as steelhead streams of
the Great Lakes. Use a sinking tip line or a sinking fly line when the water is cold.

The Purple Peril fly also works great for Chum and Chinook salmon. It can be fished the
same way for salmon as steelhead. Don't overlook the fact that it's purple color is the
most popular color used for steelhead flies. It's fished effectivelyin the steelhead water of
the Pacific Northwest from Northern California and throughout British Columbia. The  
Great Lakes steelheader anglers also find this fly to be very successful when used in
their tributary steelhead streams.

The Purple Peril is a steelhead fly you don't want to be without.
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