Red Legged Ant Panfish Fly
The Red Legged Ant Panfish Fly is an imitation of an ant, one of the more common
terrestrial insects. It's more specifically an attractor fly than a specific imitation of the ant.
There's just something about the color red that attracts panfish to the fly. The Red
Legged Ant is a great fly for shellcrackers, bream, sunfish, perch and other species of
panfish. We think it is one of the best bream flies you can use.

The fly can be fish near the surface of at any depth. Adding lead split shot to the tippet a
few inches above the fly will let you fish the Red Legged Ant at just about any depth of
water. It works great for bedding bream and other panfish.

The Red Legged Ant's legs are made of rubber and have a very live action. When the fly
is stripped forward, the legs bend bank. When the retrieve is paused, the legs spring
back to their normal position giving the ant fly a realistic action.

It can be fished with or without a strike indicator. It can be used in still water such as
lakes, reservoirs and ponds or streams such as rivers and creeks. Wherever you cast
the Red Legged Ant fly, you can be certain it going to get the fish's attention. It's a great
warmwater fly.
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