A fly fishing retractor, sometimes called a zinger, makes access to any lightweight fishing gear that's
of frequent use very convenient. Instead of having to feel your way through dozens of pockets in fly
fishing shirts, vest, or packs, you have what you need conveniently attached to your shirt, vest or
lanyard. It is perfect for attaching line snippers to your vest, jacket, lanyard or shirt. The snippers will
be hanging right in front of your eyes ready for you to use as long as it's within 18 inches of the
retractor..  The retractors are also great for hemostats or any other small piece of fishing gear that you
may need. The swivel clip prevents the retractor, and whatever you have attached to it, from getting all
tangled up. The retractable cable is 18 inches long.
Perfect Fly Fly Fishing Retractor (Zinger)
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