Perfect Fly Foam Rigging Spools
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Description and Use:
Tired of trying to rig flies on the water, especially the small ones like midges? Do
it in advance and store them on the Perfect Fly foam rigging spools. Just stick
the hooks in the foam to hold the flies. The foam is durable, sturdy and reusable.
The small size is mostly to store rigs of multiple nymphs, and tandem rigs for
small flies like midges. The larger size work for multiple nymphs, tandem rigs and
dropper rigs for any size flies, or just a singe dry fly or nymph on a leader and/or
tippet. Both the small and large size rigging foams allow you to quickly change
flies out on the water.

Stores pre-rigged flies, tippet and leaders

Fits most all tippet spool holders

Lets you quickly change flies out on the water

Small foams are multi-colored, large ones, an off white color.

Size and Quanity:
Four (4) each foams are included
Outside Diameter of foam - 1 3/4 inch
Thickness of foam: 3/8 inch
Diameter of hole: 5/8 inch
Colors: Mixed

Four (4) each foams are included
Outside Diameter of foam: 2 3/4 inches
Thickness of foam: Approx. 1/2 inch
Diameter of hole: Approx. 5/8 inch
Color: Mixed
Rigging Foams
Both Small and Large includes four (4) each rigging foams and free shipping
Above photo shows the rigging foam with a tandem rig (two
flies) consisting of a size 18 gold bead hares ear nymph on
one side, and another nymph on the opposite side of the
Using the Perfect Fly Tippet
Holder for the rigging foams.
Perfect Fly "Tippet Holder", only
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