Royal Yellow Humphy Trout Fly:
The Royal Yellow Humphy is one of the old, standard attrfactors. It is very
bouyant that floats well enough to be used to fish a dropper fly from. It works
great in fast, rough water. It is considered one of the top five dry flies.

The Humphy fly doesn't really look like anything specific trout eat but it does like
a little like a lot of things trout eat and I guess that is why is works. It could be
taken for a Little Yellow stonefly or a large Yellow drake, for example.

It relies on fish to react instinctively, not selectively and will fool some of the
largest trout. The big body and heavy hackling of the Humphy fly keeps in high
and visible even in low light conditions.

We cannot find who originated this fly for certain and therefore are not giving any
tier credit. If any of you know, and have some evidence to back it up, we would
sure like to know, because they deserve credit.
Copyright 2014 James Marsh
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Royal Yellow Humphy
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