Royal Wulff Trout Fly:
The Royal Wulff trout fly is actually just one of a series of flies developed by the
great Lee Wulff. Out of all the Wulff flies Lee tied, the Royal Wulff is the most
popular and an all time favorite of many anglers. It's strictly an attractor dry fly.

There's little doubt Lee Wulff wanted the fly to float high and dry because it is
clearly obvious that's were he placed the most importance. The fly will float like a
cork in fast, rough surface water. It has to be one of the all time favorite attractor
dry flies for fast water.

Something else rather obvious is Mr. Wulff wanted the wings of the fly to be
clearly visible. The large white wings can easily be seen in rough pocket water.
Calf hair is commonly used on the fly but other materials can be used. The key to
it is that the hair should be straight. In some cheap versions of the fly, the hair
wings aren't straight.

As the saying goes, fishing lures are created to attract fishermen, not fish. Such
is the case with the Royal Wulff fly. The colors and materials used in the fly
doesn't imitate anything found in nature much less a trout stream. As one writer
put it, the fly represents strawberry ice cream and cake to the trout.

There's one thing you can't take from the Royal Wulff trout fly. It's a pretty fly. It's
also a pretty fly that catches plenty of trout. Even so, it is still arguable that the
pretty fly catches more anglers than trout. Naturally, the more Royal Wulff's
fished, the more trout the fly catches.

There are plenty of other advantages to the fly other than its ability to float high
in rough water and its visibility. One is the durable hair wings. Hair is the most
durable material you can use for wings on a dry fly. The hair wings aren't exactly
easy to tie. They are split.

Keep in mind the purpose of an attractor fly is to attract fish. The Royal Wulff
gets the attention of trout and when presented in fast water where the trout only
get a split second view of the fly, it can be very effective.
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Royal Wulff trout fly
Royal Wulff Trout Fly
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