Selecting Atlantic Salmon Flies
Atlantic Salmon are the fly anglers dream fish. These fish arrive at their native
river anytime from Spring until late Fall, depending on the location. Like
Steelhead and Pacific Salmon, the Atlantic Salmon are anadramous fish.
Although a wet fly is the most used type of fly, they are often fished for with a dry
fly. This is just one thing that distinguishes them as the exciting and challenging
fish they are. When they finish their spawning activity, they recover from all the
activity and head back to the ocean.

The traditional fly for the Atlantic Salmon is a large, colorful wet fly, size 4 to 6 but
some are much larger. The larger flies are used when the water is high and off
color or dingy. Anglers also use nymphs for Atlantic Salmon. These are mostly
used when the water is low and clear. The nymphs are usually a small size
ranging from a hook size 8 to 12.

Ask ten Atlantic Salmon anglers which is the best color of fly to use and you'll
most likely get ten different answers. They vary from very bright to very dark
colors. Sky conditions and water levels and color are the most important factors
in determining what color to use. It's also sometimes a matter of the particular
stream being fished. The water in Atlantic Salmon streams varies considerable
and so do the choices of fly colors. For that reason, each stream seems to have
its own color preferences. This is often a matter of anglers copying other anglers
who catch fish. This keeps the fly choices more limited than they should be.
Atlantic Salmon anglers tend to follow what's fly sizes and colors are working.

These aggressive salmon will take dry flies well at times. This is often a matter of
water temperature. It is best for dry fly fishing when it is around 65 degrees.
Water in the mid-fifties is often a little to cold for them to rise to the surface well
although they will at times. When its 70 or above, the fishing is usually very slow.  
You should vary the size of the dry flies same as you would the wet flies, using
larger ones in high, dingy water and smaller ones in low, clear water.
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