Selecting Flies For Landlocked Atlantic Salmon
Some Atlantic Salmon don't have access to the ocean. These are called
Landlocked Atlantic Salmon. They normally live in the clear, cold lakes of the
northeastern U. S. These salmon move migrate back and forth between the lakes
and the streams and rivers that flow through these lakes. They basically live in
the lakes and spawn in the rivers and streams.

Whereas most salmon eat other fish and crustaceans, these landlocked Atlantic
Salmon often eat insects. They can be caught during a hatch very similar to the
way you catch trout. These fish eat mostly smelt however, but they also eat the
insects in both the lakes and the rivers and streams they live in. Flies that imitate
the insects can be selected the same way you would select trout flies but as a
general rule, the landlocked salmon aren't that selective.

Streamers that imitate smelt work great during the time the smelt are migrating
and the salmon are feeding on them. For example, the Gray Ghost is a very
popular Landlocked Atlantic Salmon fly. Our "Perfect Fly" Yellow Marabou
Sculpin is also becoming a popular fly for these fish.
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