These flies are used for fishing the offshore, bluewater  where
most species of fish are either pelagic or migratory species. They
imitate small baitfish, squid, big eye scad, squid, bunker, Spanish
mackerel, blue runners and other things that fish such as dolphin,
wahoo, tuna, marlin and sailfish feed on. Most all this type of fishing
is done by actually casting to fish that are visible on or just under
the surface. There are some occasions where one may be justified
in presenting a fly blindly near objects floating on the surface such
as buoys, grass lines, and other objects. Some anglers use
teasers to attract the fish up behind the boat and others chum to
attract fish. These flies work well regardless of the method of
fishing being used.
Blue Mackerel
Herring Fly
Bluewater Flies
Fishing  Information
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Fishing Information
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Blue Marlin
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