Fishing The Short-horned Sedge (Caddisflies)

As i mentioned in the pupae section, the Little Short-horned Sedges usually
hatch out of the water on rocks or the banks of the stream. The egg laying
activity is the time you need to be fishing an adult imitation.You have a good
opportunity to catch fish eating the egg laying females in the afternoons
following a hatch.

The female adults dive and paste their eggs on the bottom. They return to the
surface to fly away or die on the surface. You will see this occurring in the riffles
and runs.

The egg laying activity usually occurs late in the afternoon but much earlier if the
sky is overcast. The later in the year it is, the later in the day they tend to
deposit their eggs. There are usually enough of these that you can easily spot
them swirling around a few inches above the water and hitting the surface. That
is where you want to place your fly.

You may see the flash of a trout but for the most part, you will not see the trout
eating the diving caddisflies. Don't overlook the egg laying activity of this hatch.
You can catch several trout in a short time if conditions are right.
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