Fishing The Short-horned Sedge (Caddisflies)

These caddisflies hatch both in the early Spring and another smaller hatch occurs in
the Fall. The hatches last a long time and can vary in intensity. If you start seeing a
lot of them crawling around on the rocks and banks you will know they have
hatched. Unfortunately, that's usually too late to fish the pupa stage of the hatch.
That would indicate many of them had already hatched.

These caddisfly pupae use their middle legs to swim to the surface. They can hatch
on the surface but more often, they run on the surface to the banks or rocks to
hatch into adults out of the water. You will see this activity occurring often where
these caddisflies are plentiful.

The best way to imitate these caddisflies is to make a down and across presentation
and mend the line a couple of times to get the fly down.  Allow the fly to swing
around until it is directly downstream of your position. By just stopping the rod,
holding it up at about a 45 degree angle, the current will bring the fly back to the
surface. Let it sit for a few seconds and repeat the cast moving downstream a step
or two.
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