Slate Dun Emerging Adult

The Slate Dun, or Slate Brown Dun, whichever name you prefer, (Epeorus
emerges in calmer, slower moving water adjacent to its normal fast
water habitat. In fast water, or pocket type water, this usually means in the calmer
areas behind rocks or boulders. It can also be calmer pockets on the outside
edges of runs and riffles. In some cases they live and emerge in smooth fast
water streams. In these streams they will move wherever they can find calmer or
slower moving water.

In most cases, an up or up and across presentation is the best approach to use.
You want to place the "Perfect Fly" Slate Dun Emerging Adult fly on the slow
water side of the current seams along each side of the calmer pockets. This is a
wet fly that you want to fish from the bottom to the top. This fly is a little tougher
to fish than the dry fly dun but it is more effective provided you can detect the

Watch the end of your fly line very carefully for any unnatural movements to
detect takes. They take this fly anywhere in the water column from the bottom to
the surface skim.

In those rare cases where these mayflies hatch in fast moving slick or smooth
water, you may want to use a down stream or down and across presentation.
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