Slider Baitfish Bass Fly
The Slider Baitfish Bass Fly is a great fly for both Largemouth Bass and Smallmouth
Bass. Although it is a very good imitation of a small snake, it's intended to imitate small

This fly is extremely durable because most of the fly consist of a Zonker style rabbit strip.
You can catch many largemouth bass and/or smallmouth bass using the same fly.

Cast the fly towards a weed line or along a steeply inclined rocky bank and allow the
Slider Baitfish fly it to get as close to the weeds and/or rocks as possible without hanging.
Give it a little time to sink. Start a very quick retrieve, jerking the fly in short jerks of just a
few inches. This will add a lot of action to the fly and make it appear to be a wounded or
injured baitfish. This retrieve usually works but it not, start stripping it in one to two foot
strips. Every once in a while stop the fly dead and let it fall. Hold on to the rod because
often the bass will try to take it out of your hands when they hit it.

This fly is best fished on an eight weight floating fly line. Sinking tip and sinking fly lines
may be used for deep water. It depends on the depth of water you are fishing. Under any
of these conditions you should use at least an eight fool long leader made of twelve to
twenty pound test mono.

You can adjust the weight of the fly by adding split shot if necessary to fish deeper water.
Place it a few inches above the fly. You want to avoid using added too much weight. If
possible, get the fly deep enough using the right type of fly line. Added weight should
only be used when you don't have the right line for the depth of the water you are fishing.

You can fish the Slider Baitfish is shallow water around weeds and grass. The heavy
mono weed guard keeps  the fly from getting hung easily. Cast in back in, over or around
the weed and grass beds and allow it to sit for at least 15 seconds before moving it. Then
slowly retrieve it about a foot and then pause the fly. Continue this type of retrieve. If your
aren't getting any action, try making shorter, faster strips, without pausing the fly.
Sometimes the bass like the fly retrieved steadily but most often, erratic retrieves work

The Slider Baitfish works great for smallmouth bass holding in deeper weed beds as well
as rock outcroppings on the bottom of the lake or stream. Add some weight or use a
sinking tip or sinking fly line to get the fly down well beyond the cover and slowly retrieve
it past the submerged weeds or rocks. Hold on to your rod.
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