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Smallmouth Bass Flies
Fly fishing for smallmouth bass is one of the most exciting forms of fly fishing. Pound for pound, they
are considered the strongest fighters of any freshwater fish by many anglers. Smallmouth bass flies
imitate crayfish, nymphs, baitfish, minnows, sculpin, and many other items of food. Like most other
types of fly fishing, catching smallmouth on the surface offers the most excitement. Top water flies and
poppers work best when the smallmouth are feeding in shallow water. Smallmouth bass are found in
both lakes and streams and the food and the flies you need to imitate it varies some, depending on the
type of water one fishes.

Probably the most common and important singe item of food for smallmouth bass are crayfish. They
exist in both lakes and streams and prefer the same type of habitat as the smallmouth. We have some
of our own Perfect Fly crayfish imitations as well as sell some of the standard crayfish fly patterns that
have been proven successful over the years. Crayfish are found in both lakes and rivers and just about
everywhere smallmouth bass exist.

Smallmouth bass
crawfish flies can be fished from the surface to the deepest water the fish reside in.
The Perfect Fly Brown Crayfish can be fished in very shallow water or weight added to the leader a few
inches above the fly and fished at deeper depths. The Perfect Fly Brown Crayfish with Dumbbell eyes
can be fish in deeper water without having to add weight to the fly.

The Perfect Fly "Brown and White Crayfish" was designed to be used in stained or off color water
where smallmouth are sometimes found. The clearest of smallmouth water becomes stained with spring
rains and summer thunderstorms. Although this fly can easily be spotted by the smallmouth, it still has a
natural appearance, especially when it is submerged on the bottom. Lead, dumbbell eyes keep the fly
on the bottom and the hook turned up.

The Threadfin shad is one of the most important foods for smallmouth in many lakes and rivers. The
Perfect Fly
Swimming Shad is a great Smallmouth Bass fly that imitates shad very well. The Perfect Fly
Shad is an excellent imitation of the Threadfin shad.

Smallmouth bass flies that imitate hellgrammites are very effective because they represent an important
part of the fish's diet in most streams. Dragonfly nymphs and Damselfly nymphs are both important
smallmouth food, and we have developed flies that imitate them. These smallmouth bass flies can be

The Stealth Bomber is a popular top water fly that catches smallmouth feeding in shallow water. So is
the Tequeely Streamer and Murdich Minnow both of which imitate baitfish found in smallmouth water.
These flies can be seen
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