Fly Fishing Gear For Smallmouth Bass
The gear you use fly fishing for smallmouth bass isn't that sophisticated. You
normally use anywhere from a 5 to an 8 weight fly line. They can be a lot of fun
on a 5 weight rod but that is a tad small for large smallmouth. A 6 weight is the
most commonly used fly line and rod. Seven weight lines and rods are often used
in large lakes where the average size smallmouth ranges from two to six pounds
or more. Some anglers even use an 8 weight fly line and rod when they are using
large streamers or fishing deep water for larger smallmouth bass. The larger
rods make it easier to handle the large and bulky flies, especially if there's any

You will want a weight-forward, floating fly line for surface flies and flies that you
will be fishing in shallow water or water less than three feet deep. This will help
you control the fly line much better than using a sinking line or sinking tip.

For deeper water, ranging from three to six feet deep, you can use intermediate
sinking fly lines or sinking tip fly lines. These will greatly assist your getting the
flies down deeper. When the smallmouth are in very deep water a sinking fly line
will work best.

You will need leaders that are heavier than you are used to using for trout. They
should range from six to ten feet long, depending on the particular flies you are
using. Tapered leaders work the best. A non-tapered leader won't straighten out
near as well as a tapered leader with small, light flies. Monofilament leaders work
best. The size of the leader depends on the particular fly use are using.
Generally, a ten pound test tippet is about the average size for smallmouth. You
will need some larger and some much lighter down to a size 3X for light nymphs
and flies.

You should also carry plenty of spare mono tippet. You will need it the same size
of the tippet on the leader.

We have several smallmouth bass flies that work in streams and lakes. The most
popular one is our Brown Crayfish fly. We also have one that imitates a spawning
crayfish called the Brown and White Crayfish fly. These imitate the most common
food that smallmouth bass eat.

We also have various baitfish, sculpin and minnow imitations. Our Slider Baitfish
and Swimming Shad are two of our most popular flies. We also have several flies
that imitate sculpin - the Brown Sculpin, White Belly Sculpin, the Yellow Marabou,
Black Marabou and White Marabou are all great flies for smallmouth bass. One
of our most popular is the Shad which, of course, imitates a shad, a very most
common baitfish that smallmouth bass eat.
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