Small Western Dark Hendrickson

The Small Western Dark Hendrickson duns hatch between early July and September in
most of the streams we have found them in. Since they live in water ranging from low to
high altitudes, I would think the emergence would occur during a very wide range of times.

The duns could be found in the smoother sections of pocket water or in streams with
smooth flowing water. The dun should be presented accordingly. Basically I use an
upstream or up and across presentation in pocket water and a downstream or down and
across presentation in smooth water.

The small duns may have a problem getting off the water in some cases. They may hatch
is very shallow water in some cases. I would suggest using a longer leader and tippet.
You also may want to go fairly light, using a 6X or even 7X tippet if the water is extremely
clear and shallow.
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