Small Western Dark Hendrickson

The Small Western Dark Hendrickson emerging nymphs are effective during the hatch if
fished in the current seams between  the moderate to slow water. They emerge in the
surface skim of the calmer sections of water.

Use an upstream or up and across presentation and place the Perfect Fly Small Western
Dark Hendrickson Emerger or Emerger with Trailing Shuck Fly near the faster water but
in the slow moving water. The nymphs move to the calmer areas of the stream to hatch.
If the water is smooth, as opposed to pocked water, you may need to use a downstream
or down and across presentation.

It is difficult to describe the presentation because of the wide variety of water these small
mayflies live in. You will have to adjust the presentations to adapt to the conditions of the
particular stream you are fishing.

By the way, I think this hatch is often confused with a PMD or Pale Morning Dun hatch. It
may also be confused with a Blue-winged Olive hatch.
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