Small Western Dark Hendrickson

The Small Western Dark Hendrickson is the Serratella tibialis mayfly. They are also called
Little Dark Hendricksons. This mayfly is found throughout the West. These nymphs are
found in a wide range of different types of water. They are a very dark purple/brown or
blueish black color. Large rivers and small streams have them. The nymphs are found in
the moderate to fast sections of the streams. They seem to prefer freestone streams
over tailwaters. The nymphs are crawlers. Most hatches occur around noon or early

Present the Small Western Dark Hendrickson nymph imitation using an upstream or up
and across presentation. Place it in the moderate sections or the slower water near the
fast sections of water. The Perfect Fly Small Western Dark Hendrickson Nymph works
best if presented in the mornings prior to a hatch.

In some cases, a strike indicator may come in handy if you do not like fishing nymphs by
feel and sight. Keep it on the bottom by weighting it down a few inches above the fly.
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