Fly Fishing for Snook
Snook (Centropomus Undecimalisare) are big, pike like fish that are silver/green in color
with a dark lateral stripe that runs down their sides from just behind their gills to their tail.
They usually have yellow fins. These fish can grow up to near four feet long and weight
up to forty pounds or more. Fly fishing for snook has become very popular.

Snook are found in the Western Atlantic all the way from South Carolina  to Brazil, South
America. They can live in almost pure fresh water to heavy saltwater. The one thing that
they can't handle, is cold water. Water temperatures below 60 degrees F can put snook
in shock. They want live in water much colder than that very long. In areas near their
northernmost range in very cold weather, they will always seek the warmest water they
can find. In Florida, this is often the discharges of power plants which are warm.

Snook feed near the shore in inland water and estuaries. They can be found in inlets and
even in the Ocean or Gulf near the shoreline. They also prefer structure for shelter. Rock
piles, docks, mangroves and logs in the water are just a few things they will hang out
around. Fly fishing for snook is best done in these types of locations.

Snook are much like largemouth bass in many ways. They will hide and ambush their
prey like a bass. Whereas bonefish and tarpon are always on the move, snook
sometimes motionless, just waiting on something to get near it. The will eat baitfish of
many types such as pinfish, mullet, poggys (menhaden) and other small fish. They will
also eat shrimp which accounts for a large part of their diet in many areas.

They are fast moving, hard fighting fish when hooked that are especially fun to catch on
a fly. Fly fishing for snook can be a lot of fun. They can be very spooky and difficult to
approach, but they usually attack a fly very hard.
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